Whether you're in love or nursing a broken/bitter heart, Pilar knows Valentine's Day is just Offal. Executive Chef Jesse Miller will be offering an adventurous a la carte menu, available both in the dining room & at the bar, including:

  • Rabbit Butter on Country Toast with Carrots, Radish, & Ramp Vinegar
  • Fowl and Offal Salad with Thai Herbs & Bean Sprouts
  • Crispy Pig Ear Bo Saam
  • Beef Heart Tartare with XO Sauce & Tendon Puffs
  • Sriracha Liver Mousse
  • Braised Beef Tendon with Celeriac Soup & Sesame
  • Chicken Heart Yakatori
  • Beef Tongue Quesadillas

We're also excited to have Maketto’s Julia Ebell with us all night long upstairs as our guest bartender with her inspired cocktails! Her menu includes:

He's Peacocking - Cana Brava, Blue Curacao, Campari, Grapefruit, Lime, Orgeat

First Date Yoga Pants - Vodka, Ramazotti, Coffee-infused Coconut Water

3rd Party, 3rd Date - Blended Scotch, Tawny Port, Goldschlager, Tobacco Tincture

Never Date a Bartender - Overholt, Hop Syrup, Juniper Tepache, Peychauds, Egg White

Tinder Bio: Magician - Mezcal, Amaro Montenegro, Passionfruit Coconut Cream

The Side Piece - everybody's favorite "beer and shot" combo