Stephanie has been a student of the environmental sciences, agriculture, and resource economics; researched the impact of mountaintop removal coal mining in West Virginia; interned in a public defenders office; and even spent a couple of years in law school. Ultimately, she realized she wanted a change of pace.

In 2012 she took a break from school and picked up a hosting shift at Bar Pilar. By the time Stephanie started managing, she had a clock-in button for every front-of-house position under her name. With all that knowledge, floor training new hires is really easy. If they like country music or are die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fans – like her – even better!

matt brown


Matt Brown lives by Dalton’s three simple rules in Road House – most importantly, rule #3: “be nice.” Never having wanted to work in an office, he’s bartended at an independent movie theater and a sushi spot, waited tables, and built sandwiches at Subway.

Most notably, he basically ran the joint at the Black Cat for the better part of 15 years before joining our team at Bar Pilar in late 2014. And as rule #1 states, as soon as you think you know what to expect from him, just keep in mind “Baby Elephant Walk” is the jazzy little tune that’s playing in Matt’s head when he smirks at you.

Jesse Miller


Jesse fell in love with cooking on his way to becoming a painter. It might have had something to do with the late nights, hard work, good food, friends…and the women. Friends & former co-workers from the Elkridge Furnace Inn in Maryland brought him into the kitchen at Saint-Ex more than seven years ago. Since then, he’s continued to hone his craft and focus his artistic creativity onto the menu at Bar Pilar.